On-Chain & Open Metaverse

Why on-chain?

NFTs that store their metadata on-chain and redundantly will be around forever. NFTs whose metadata are stored off-chain are at the mercy of 3rd-parties that can and will sometimes go bust, which in turn dooms all the media involved.

nft42 thinks creators and collectors should have complete sovereignty and be able to rest easy knowing their NFTs will be around for the long run, not just the next few years. That’s why we’ve built our Avastars and Infinity Tokens projects with on-chain minting at their cores: digital durability is key.

Why the open metaverse?

The early internet was text-based and saw users hopping from site to site to read flat, 2D pages.

The next evolution of the internet, the metaverse, will see users traveling across virtual worlds with ease as if they were webpages. And we believe this metaverse should not only be fun, but built using open and accessible standards. As such, we’re now standing at the precipice of all kinds of unprecedented VR experiences. nft42’s TokenSmart and Metalympics projects take this reality to heart and are trailblazing around providing the most novel and fun metaverse experiences possible today while Infinity Tokens is creating new NFT standards for the open metaverse.