Jim previously founded Dito, an enterprise cloud solutions provider. For the last few years, he’s been pioneering and advancing on-chain NFTs and the metaverse.

Nate made Chainfaces and some other cool stuff for #nftland before joining the team. He is currently developing nft42’s on-chain NFT minting platform, Infinity Tokens.

M.C. extraordinaire, Rizzle heads up the TokenSmart brand and steers some of the early metaverse’s most signature events, like the WIP Meetup and the Metalympics!

With 20 years of web dev and infrastructure engineering experience, Tristan is an experienced technical wizard who’s now the product owner at Infinity Tokens.

sandymeows.eth is a newer addition to the nft42 family who’s making moves as operations maestro across TokenSmart, Infinity Tokens, the Metalympics, and more.